VIC 27 comes ashore

Before she could be brought ashore, a new slipway had to be built – and a hill containing a considerable amount of rock had to be removed and a new winch installed.  The ship was then winched ashore onto Crinan Boatyard’s custom built slipway.  Her hull plates were pressure washed, revealing major corrosion along the wind and water line.   These plates will have to be replaced.  The vessel has been thoroughly surveyed and a list of areas to be restored has been drawn up.   The hull was sand-blasted and re-painted to prevent any further deterioration (pictures below).  While the vessel is not afloat, the only ingress of water can be from above so some areas of the deck are being replaced or repaired as necessary to protect what’s underneath.

Summer 2009

100_6526 100_6727
Above left: Without boiler and prior to being slipped in April 2009  Above right: Puffer on the way to the slip in July 2009
Below left: VIC 27 on her way up the slip  Below right: The propeller comes out of the water
100_6747 100_6751

(see film on The Restoration Begins – VIC 27 is slipped)

100_7661 100_7719
Above left: Aft deck for repairs  Above right: Builder’s plate
Below: Sandblasted and painted to preserve (July 2010)