The Captain’s Cabin & Forepeak

The stern cabin was traditionally the accommodation for the skipper and engineer & the Forepeak offered accommodation for 4 seamen.

Restoring the aft accommodation 2010-11

100_7775 100_7767
 Above left: Wardrobe & Port bunk  Above right: Port bunk
Below left: Dismantled wardrobe & port bunk  Below right: Original timber cleaned and primed
100_7805 100_8212
100_8214 100_8262-1
 Above left: Hull and frames in Aft cabin prepared and painted  Above right: Bunk reconstruction (March 2011)
Below: Aft cabin ready to use again

The cabin now looks as it did in 1942 and has already been used as accommodation for volunteers.

Restoring the Forepeak 2021-22

Having finished the forepeak tanks for fresh water for the boiler (these needed to be sub-divided for stability) we proceeded to blast and then paint the whole internal area and then fit a new floor with hatches in areas where access to the tanks may be needed.  Accommodation will be re-instated.  The Ministry of Transport regulations stipulated 4 seamen, but we may reduce this to accommodation for 2 to allow more luxurious living.

Whilst working in this area, it made sense to weld down the deck equipment for winch and windlass operations.  The deck is now ready for the steam windlass (already overhauled) to be filled.


Mast being stored for repairs (May 2011)