Powered by steam – a coal fired engine and boiler – The Engine

The engine room  has been stripped out, needle-gunned, cleaned and painted.  The hull has been repaired under the boiler – this area had been heavily corroded by ash and sea water.  The engine has now been re-assembled and it appears to be in remarkably good condition which, 70 years on, is a tribute to her manufacturers Crabtree 1931 Ltd at South Town Iron Works in Great Yarmouth.  The engine is a direct acting vertical compound surface condensing 100bhp.   The coal bunkers and the hull adjacent to them have been refurbished.

Below: As the last stoker left her (October 2008) 
100_5832 100_5834
Below: Engine crank before and after refurbishment
100_5838 Sam_0104
100_5835 Sam_0073
Above: Worthington Simpson & Valve chest for bilge  
 Below: Stern gland and aft end of Engine Room 
100_5839 Sam_0077
100_5841 Sam_0079
Above: Condenser, High pressure pump etc, port side
Below left: Engine cylinders preserved in their own oil Below right: Condenser etc, and engine room port side  
100_5840 Sam_0078
VIC 27’s engine during refurbishment
Above right:  Puffer steam pipes all cleaned and ready to refit